Dancing Leaf Spa
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The Dancing Leaf Story

The spirit of Dancing Leaf Spa & Salon lies in the harmony and simplicity found in everyday nature. The name was inspired by the work of nature on a fall afternoon. Lisa Conover, the Spa's founder, was inspired to name it after a scene in a park. As she walked through a grove of enormous oak trees late one fall afternoon, she noticed a single, falling leaf. The leaf had been caught in an air current as it was falling, and had become suspended in mid-air, bouncing back and forth on the wind.

Lisa watched and waited for the leaf to fall – an act symbolic of summer's final surrender. Time progressed as the leaf continued its cheerful dance. It appeared to not only enjoy this final ride, but attempted to sustain it for as long as possible. Lisa mentally applauded the resolute spirit of the leaf as she continued her walk.After winding around a small pond, Lisa passed back through the oak grove and was amazed to see the leaf had not yet fallen to ground. It was still dancing peacefully in the air.

Facing the coming harshness that winter would bring, nature still found a simple way to let her spirit sing through the dance of a falling leave. While the dancing leaf eventually fell to the ground, it continued the cycle of life, nourishing the trees.

This beautiful spirit of nature is celebrated here at Dancing Leaf Spa & Salon. Our services were carefully designed to nurture those struggling with the stresses and trials of life and who strive to peacefully dance through the changing seasons.