Dancing Leaf Spa
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Massage & Body Therapy

Please call for available services and pricing as we have temporarily adjusted our offerings during the pandemic.

Custom Therapeutic Massage
This classic massage treatment reduces emotional and physical stress, improves circulation and enhances a state of relaxation.  You and your Therapist will customize your session to meet your individual preference of pressure and types of bodywork techniques as the power of therapeutic touch will restore harmony and balance to the mind, body and spirit.

60 min. - $80.00
90 min. - $110.00
2 hrs. - $140.00

Pregnancy Massage
This treatment is beneficial for safely alleviating tension and discomfort experienced during pregnancy.
*We can only provide Massage and Bodywork Therapy after your First Trimester with Physician Approval.

60 min. - $85.00
90 min. - $115.00

"Breath In" Sinus Relief Massage
Through the use of lymphatic, reflexology and pressure point manipulation, this treatment will assist in the relief of sinus conditions such as seasonal allergies, minor sinus congestion and sinus pressure.  In addition to assisting in the relief of sinus pressure, this massage will also provide relaxation and rest.

45 min. - $60.00

"Stress Relief" Scalp and Neck Massage
For those who suffer from headaches and neck pain, this rejuvenating treatment releases pressure in the scalp, neck and face providing a wonderfully relaxing experience that also helps to fight fatigue, stress and insomnia.

45 min. - $60.00

Couples Massage
Our Couples Suite offers the opportunity to enjoy Massage & Bodywork Therapy at the same time in the same treatment room.  All of our Massage & Bodywork (except the Thai Massage) treatments are offered in our Couples Suite.  Both treatments need to be the same length of time in order to receive treatments together in the Couples Suite.  The treatment rate is the same per individual

Thai Massage
Traditional Thai Massage is a practical application of the Buddhist principles of Metta or loving kindness, forming the cornerstone of a quietly effective healing of the mind, body and spirit. Universal energy healing principles are combined with elements of yoga and interactive, flowing movements, passive stretches and gentle pressure to increase flexibility, relieve tension and balance the flow of energy along all the body's energy lines and pressure points. This treatment can be customized as a more stimulating, vigorous practice or performed in a gentle, soothing manner all depending on the restorative needs and mood of the client. You are asked to dress very comfortable as you will receive your Thai Massage while fully clothed. This treatment may be provided either on a massage table or Thai Massage mat at the discretion of your Therapist.

90 min. - $120.00
2 hrs. - $160.00

Hot Stone Massage
For the ultimate escape, discover the benefits of this timeless technique through the use of hot basalt stones. This cleansing massage detoxifies the body and boosts the immune system by increasing positive energy flow. Experience the relaxing, yet invigorating results only the Earth can produce.

90 min. Relaxation Treatment - $135.00
90 min. Deep Tissue Treatment - $145.00

Dancing Leaf Signature Massage
Using a rich, creamy texture to exfoliate and moisturize your skin, an invigorating body scrub infused with hot, steamed towels will be combined with a Custom Therapeutic Massage. Meanwhile, a heated seaweed back treatment will add a detoxification element. A total body treatment designed to rejuvenate and detoxify.

2 hrs. - $150.00