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Skin Care

Please call for available services and pricing as we have temporarily adjusted our offerings during the pandemic.


Express Facial
An excellent choice for a quick, refreshing facial which thoroughly cleanses, exfoliates and hydrates your skin. A versatile alpha hydroxy acid or enzyme exfoliant is used to smooth, brighten, and refine the skin. In addition, a skin analysis, mask treatment and nourishing, moisturizing treatment will be provided for this pleasant introduction to skin care.

45 min. - $65.00

Custom European Facial
The essential facial for any skin type. This all around facial treatment provides a cleansing, exfoliation, and mask treatment customized to your skin type needs. A thorough extraction process will provide a deep pore cleansing while you will still experience the true spa experience with a hand, arm, décolleté, and facial hydrating massage. You will enjoy visible results and lasting benefits. An excellent choice for our Ladies and Gentlemen Guests.  The 90 minute treatment provides additional décolleté support and foot massage for a deluxe facial experience.

1 hr. - $85.00
90 min. - $115.00

Back Facial
A treatment designed to either nourish or purify this highly neglected and hard to reach area.  You will find this a restorative experience.  Folowing a back manipulation and mask application, your back will feel fresh and rejuvenated.

Approx. 60-75 min. - $100.00

Season's Moment Custom Facial
This facial treatment will use custom designed ingredients to enhance the mood of the season. This seasonal palette will restore all its benefits to moisturize, de-pollute and reveal the natural radiance of the skin. A cleansing steam and exfoliation prep will start this treatment for necessary extractions. A relaxing hand, arm, decollete and facial mask massage will follow for deep relaxation. Last, a cream adapted to your skin type will conclude this treatment providing comforting nourishment. Please ask one of our Spa Coordinators, Aetheticians or review our website to learn about our treatment for the Season.

90 min. - $125.00



Please call for available services and pricing as we have temporarily adjusted our offerings during the pandemic.

Because our skin is subject to daily hazards and the eventual loss of elasticity, age spots and wrinkles are the norm. Combat the consequences of skin damage from sun, pollution, poor circulation, stress, aging and extreme weather with professional support.

Vitamin Infusion Facial
This treatment is ideal for dehydrated, aging, and environmentally damaged skin types. The use of protective products for cleansing, toning, extractions and masque treatment will result in a healthier, firmer appearance of the skin.

90 min. - $125.00

Adult Acne Deep-Pore CleansingTreatment
Designed to promote blemish-free, youthful skin, this adult-acne treatment includes a blemish- controlling treatment, thorough extraction process, firming facial masque and finishes with layers of light hydration for a healthy, radiant appearance. Due to the highly effective formulas used in this treatment, some guests may experience a temporary tingling or heat sensation.

90 min. - $125.00

Custom Chemical Peel
Your Skin Care Therapist will select a chemical peel designed for your skin. It will provide an accelerated deep cleanse while it unclogs pores. This treatment provides skin rejuvenation and is effective in resolving the most stubborn and problematic skin conditions such as dry, mature, problem-prone and/or uneven skin tone. You will gradually experience softer, smoother skin, and an overall improvement in skin texture if received on a regular basis.

Express Treatmen (45 min.) - $65.00
Facial Treatment (90 min.) - $120.00

This restorative treatment is an excellent alternative to laser or chemical peels. Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical and painless technique of exfoliating the topmost layer of the skin, which is generally damaged from internal and external elements. The Diamond ToneTM wand used during your session has a gentle, polishing action of diamonds with a cleansing vacuum action. This safe and effective particle-free process is a cellular energizer, promoting the growth of new skin cells. This facial treatment will provide results of smooth, refreshed skin. The treatment is designed to lessen sun damage, hyperpigmentation, early aging, age spots, fine lines and acne scarring, if received on a regular basis.

Express Treatmen (45 min.) - $75.00
Facial Treatment (75 min.) - $135.00