Dancing Leaf Spa
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Spa Extras

Please call for available services and pricing as we have temporarily adjusted our offerings during the pandemic.

Cosmetic Enhancements


Professional waxing is a wonderful way to achieve smooth, soft, hairless skin for weeks. Waxing sessions also include a post-wax conditioner to soothe the skin. Hair needs to be at one-quarter of an inch in length.

Facial Waxing

Eyebrow Wax and / or Tweezing

Body Waxing

Half Arms (incl. elbow)
$30.00 & up
Full Arms (incl. shoulder cap)
$45.00 & up
$25.00 & up
$30.00 & up
Half Legs (incl. knee)
$40.00 & up
Full Legs (incl. toes)
$75.00 & up
$40.00 & up
$20.00 & up
Hands (incl. fingers)
$20.00 & up
Feet (incl. toes)
$20.00 & up
Fingers (if separate)
$2.00 each
Toes (if separate)
$2.00 each
Back (incl. shoulder cap)
$65.00 & up
Bikini Line
$30.00 & up
Modified Brazilian Bikini
$50.00 & up
Full Brazilian Bikini
$75.00 & up



If eyes are the windows to the soul, then frame yours properly with a long-lasting tint with dramatic results. Eyelashes and brows are gently cleansed then the tint color is chosen, applied, and set.

Eyelash - $25.00
Eyebrow - $20.00


Mineral Cosmetics make life simpler by providing a foundation, concealer, powder and a UVA and UVB protective sunscreen all in one. Mineral cosmetics do not contain any FD&C dyes, chemical preservatives like parabens or synthetic, or talc and other fillers providing a simple and natural cosmetic application. Wearing mineral cosmetics leaves your skin flawless and dewy while feeling silky and light. A Specialist will assist you either with color matching, camouflage techniques or new collection introductions.

Energy Renewal


An ancient Asian technique, this treatment applies hand, thumb and finger pressure to nerve endings at specific points on the feet and hands. Reflex pressure points on these areas correspond to vital organs and systems, and when triggered, restores energy flow and balance to the body.

Feet or Hands Only (30 min.) - $55.00
Feet & Hands (60 min.) - $80.00


A combination of three ancient therapies with the modern science, this complementary therapy assists in dealing with specific conditions, to maintain one's health or for facial rejuvenation and relaxation. Although this treatment does not claim to cure, it does support with many conditions such as allergies, stress, insomnia, and many more. Facial stimulation is the shortest pathway to the brain center, providing a more direct method to balancing one's health concerns. You may choose to receive just face reflexology manipulation or combine it with a Custom European Facial resulting in a radiant complexion.

Face Reflexology Only (45-60 min.) - $65.00
Custom European Facial Reflexology (2 hrs.) - $115.00